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Dingxing Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Teresa Hu:+86 13609047128
Tel:+86 769 89365061
Fax:+86 769 85655526
Add.: Shengtong Alley, Jiaoyu Rd., Da Ling Shan, Dongguan, , Guangdong, China

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The Company Milestones

release time:2019-03-11 14:32:27

2012/10 company incorporated in Da Lingshan Town dwarf Ridge Mountains
2013/01 Company site moved to the first industrial zone Dalingshan Town
2013/05 company registered taxpayers in general changed
2013/10 exhibitors 2013 Wenzhou China (Huadong) Printing Technology Exhibition          
2013/11 Suzhou, China International Exhibition 2013 Paper Packaging Industry corrugated boxes, color box packaging and printing exhibition
2013/12 company website http://www.dx-machinery.com establishment completed
2014/03 expected Chengdu International Printing and Packaging Exhibition 2014 Exhibition
2014/04 expected exhibitors 2014 China International Exhibition box (Houjie)